white vienna kohlrabi. so delicious. growing more!
 more white vienna kohlrabi, started from seed in march.
 my first kohlrabi!
 rhubarb which i split from an abandoned plot in 2017, then split again in 2018 and had awesome harvests. jams and pies, oh my. the only issue i had was that i had planted it in a too sunny spot in my yarden, which in 90+ degree days on end here, it would wilt and weep in the sun. i’ll be moving it again in 2019 to a less intensely sunny spot.
 fairytale eggplant
 fairytale eggplant. i grow it every year, it’s so pretty, the kids love plucking it, and makes a great addition to sauce and baked pasta dishes.
 fairytale eggplant and a beautiful jimmy nardello pepper
double fairytale eggplant.jpg
 garlic scapes, so yummy! also found on the food section of my website.
 big ole cucumbers.
 bushy pickling cucumbers!
 aunt molly’s ground cherry
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