crnkovic yugoslavian tomato. i’ve grown this for a couple of years now. not my favorite, but it’s good enough to keep growing.
 peacevine cherry tomatoes. one of my favorites. we all just pop them in our mouths right off the plant. i’ve grown these for 7 years, 2019 will be the 8th. Developed by  Dr. Alan Kapuler , my garden idol, i seek out his seeds every year. 2019 holds some very exciting finds that i hope to share with you!
 root system of aunt molly’s ground cherry started from seed in 2018. some people love these things. i thought they were meh. i still have a good few pounds in my freezer to turn into jam. ground cherry can also be found under misc. veggies section of my website.
 i cannot remember for the life of me what these were. they were yummy  though. i end up playing musical tomato bucket in the summer and have no idea what anything is anymore, except those that are obvious by sight or taste.
 an assortment of tomatoes in there. i see san marzano, black cherry and peacevine, all headed to the sauce pot after collecting seeds. this is from 2016.
 so many maters.
 raspberry lyanna. my earliest producer, and one of the most prolific in 2018. resilient to all the things, and is a nice sweet-acid balance. perfect to eat when you need to taste summer, and a great slicer.
 first tomatoes of 2018--peacevine and raspberry lyanna. my peacevine tomato plants got up to 7 feet tall last year with ample fruit. i used velcro ties to just keep letting them go up our hops trellis.
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