delicata! delicious and ready to slice & grill, or hidden amongst foliage to pluck for seed and bread!
 yellow crookneck squash  officially called Golden Zucchini Squash, this plant was transplanted and gifted to me by an allotment gardener friend. It did very well, except for my plot neighbor’s zucchini plant had powdery mildew and those sprawling leaves were always invading my squash’s territory. I did a lot of cutting and trimming to keep powdery mildew at bay. Some people use all kids of stuff from powdered milk to sprays to control powdery mildew, but honestly I believe that if you get down to the base of the plant and look at the stems, you’ll see where the fungus is growing. Cut off those infected stems—never pull and water evenly. You’d be tempted to not water, but that actually exacerbates the mildew problem. Squash are very resilient plants and you’ll never walk away from the garden season going man, I wish I had more squash! Even if you do a lot of trimming.  I saved seeds from the few that I decided to let get monstrous for the intention of saving seeds.
 anna swartz hubbard squash grown in 2018 from organic heirloom gifted seed.
 zucchini squash! stuffed freezer for months.
 an heirloom golden Hubbard squash, the only to survive our mid-august hail in 2018.
OP squash.jpg
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