purple dragon carrot
 paris market carrot. or if you’re my husband, “those weird carrots.”  i like these because they slice flawlessly with golden beets.
 more purple dragon carrots
 carrot thinning
 i have no idea what type of carrots these were.
naomi carrot hands.jpg
 giant prague celeriac above ground. the entire plant is edible and absolutely delicious.
 tellus celeriac that took 10 months from seed to harvest. every year i swear it off, then every year i grow more. it’s just so tasty!
 he shi ko bunching onion. epic.
 rossa di milano onion, started from seed—they sure did make me cry. i chopped them all up and put them in the freezer. you’d better believe goggles are one of my top kitchen gadgets.
 red long of tropea. the green tops of these were delicious as well. onion tops are so overlooked in the kitchen. i started these from seed. i would grow an acre of onions if i could. once you’ve grown onions from seed, there is no going back to onion sets. the taste does not come close.
rossa di milano onion.jpg
 some kind of welsh bunching onion that was an heirloom seed gifted to me in 2014.
 turga parsnip i let go to flower, then seed. this work of art would not taste good after all that energy, but should be honored nonetheless.
 round one harvest of bedford monarch, turga and guernsey parsnips. i can tell the difference by taste. it’s an acquired nerd gift.
 post-hail parsnips!
 sugar beets for a making my own beet sugar experiment. it was gross and took a lot of heat energy and time. but i can say that i’ve made my own beet sugar.
 sugar beets before processing. you can find more on sugar beet processing on the food page of my website.
 horseradish from hell. if anyone ever asks you if you’d like some horseradish for your garden—run.   i have many jars of this in my freezer, which perks up a bloody mary and cocktail sauce in all the right ways, but please. do not take a whiff of it after opening your food processor. months later and my sinuses still shrivel up at the thought.
 prepping horseradish root to purée 
 wonnegold turnips. i tried to like turnips, i really did. upon further reading, i’m supposed to boil them and this and that. well i didn’t. and it was terrible, lesson learned. but i’m not wasting my garden space on them again.
 one of my most favorite things to grow, yacon. it’s absolutely fantastic and has beautiful daisy-like flowers on the top, when it flowers. i have this whole write up on growing, harvesting and storing yacon that i will post at some point.
 french breakfast radish
 i love garlic. if it didn’t make me smell like a gym sock, i’d make soap out of it just to rub it all over me like a dog on a dead thing.
 thinning some garlic. also known as, i’m pulling the garlic that’s a little too close to another because i’m too impatient to wait any longer for fresh garlic.
 my precious.   i planted my garlic by the moon in 2018.
 the garlic that was damaged was cleaned and frozen in jars, or stored in jars of olive oil, or pureed and pushed into silicone ice cube trays for use throughout the winter.
 tied hardneck garlic.
 purple potato leaf. just to be clear, do not eat potato leaf.
 purple potato that was the source of many little baby purple potatoes. despite those horrible white grubs, i got some potatoes. i imagine the white grubs like the thing crawling out in kafka on the shore. no spoilers.
 more potatoes. i had to pull up all of my potatoes because of white grubs, but also because i had to plant popcorn later than the sweet corn to ensure that i wouldn’t get a not good version of the seeds i was saving since space is limited and corn pollen carries.
 some other kind of potato
 i save all of the plastic clamshells from fruit for garden harvests, and keep extras in our community garden shed for others to use. i’ve had some of these clamshells for 5 years.
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