habanada progress
 cayenne pepper love.
 poblano peppers! resistant to all the things, well most of the things, and are excellent stuffed!
 Hungarian yellow wax peppers do very well in our zone 5B. I grew both a hot wax and a sweet wax. mixing them up together while harvesting was a bad idea, putting the pepper to my mouth after scraping the seeds out was the only way to tell. hello lip balm.
 a row of aleppo peppers. i received 5 true aleppo pepper seeds years ago-11 years ago- from a syrian friend. i have been growing them out ever since, saving seeds and sending them to seed banks and gardener friends across the united states.   the first year i saved seeds from them, i didn’t use gloves. my fingers burned constantly for two days. an indescribable, painful burning of my fingertips. lesson learned.
 jimmy nardello progress picture
 habanero pepper on the left, habanada pepper on the right. habanada was absolutely delicious and did very well and is a heatless habanero-fruity and plump with none of the spicy spice.
 my iko iko pepper patch. they’re beautiful, stout little peppers, full of color and flavor. i love them and have so many seeds to share.
 criolla sella pepper on a genovese basil leaf
 thai chili pepper plant. i kept two for myself, but they were ultimately destroyed by hail. i managed to save the earliest maturing seeds for 2019.
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