sunset runner beans, also in the flower section of my website on the property sacred g garden that i planted in 2018. the blossoms are beautiful. the beans equally as stunning.
 mosaic yard long bean
 flageolet vert green bush beans sprouting
 flageolet vert bush beans growing in.
 green arrow shell peas
 green arrow shell pea harvest
 green arrow shell peas. i saved the best peas grown from organic peas purchased  several years ago and have saved many each year from what i grow so that i never have to buy peas to plant again. these peas are amazing. i’ve selected only the yummiest, fullest peas to plant and in 2018 my pea pods had so many peas inside and matured faster than any others in the community garden.
 magnolia tendril blossom peas in my yarden in 2018. seeds were purchased from baker creek for 2018. i had high hopes for these peas, touted as beautiful and delicious.   the plants were, indeed, gorgeous. beautiful almost oceanic hued tendrils flanked every inch of the sprawling plants taking over the fenceline. i waited weeks. and weeks. for a single pea. i tested my soil. twice. wondering where the hell my peas were. where were the flowers?   eventually, a handful of peas showed up. pretty purple-podded things.   they were awful. bitter, terrible. yuck. i saved what was there for seed and pulled out the plants without pity for the plants.   in its place i put in some pole beans. they did fantastic.   good riddance.
 magnolia tendril pea
 magnolia tendril peas for seed for those who want to try them.
 turkey craw beans plumping up!
 mature dried turkey craw beans. fabulous!
 jacob’s gold dry bush bean. beautiful, delicious and prolific!
 borlotto tongues of fire bean. seeds were from baker creek. i planted these super late, i mean late, in the 2018 season. celeriac in the left foreground and nasturtium and strawberry popcorn around it.
lazy wife bean
 purple podded pole bean
Pencil Pod Golden Wax Bean
agate soybean
 beer friend soybean was a nice little treat in the garden in 2018. seeds were purchased from kitazawa seed company which is always non GMO and they did very well in several gardens they were planted in. through the seed library this year from my saved seeds they are now growing in 9 different states!
black Sicilian garbanzo
empress green bean
 my sunset runner bean seeds in the palms of the property owner of the sacred g garden that i planted in 2018.
 mosaic yard long bean blossoms at the property that i planted for the sacred g garden.
 mosaic yard long beans. beautiful! i love these beans, so much that i shared nearly the very last of my seeds to plant the sacred g garden property. all of which were lost.
 good mother stallard bean sprout
 as these little beauties grew together in my allotment in 2018, i recorded their growth every day. lark’s marigold and empress green bean.
 a progress picture a couple of weeks later of the marigold on the left and the empress green beans on the right.
 empress green bean harvest in front of the progress of marigolds and empress green beans.
 zolfino dry bean. this made great baked beans
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