western tiger swallowtail dancing on a zinnia. my children and i watched her for several minutes, recording a video and generally being amazed.
 a nepitella mentuccia romana pollinator
 swallowtail caterpillar in the dill. it’s like a caterpillar seek and find in there!
 leaf piercing stinkbug eggs on the underside of a lacinato kale leaf. they had to go. not rough stinkbug eggs, which are beneficial and eat caterpillars. these things are tiny, and they are mesmerizing. i love inspecting leaves and flowers in the garden for bugs. once, i was taking a photograph of a gorgeous criolla sella blossom to send to my friend whom sent me the seeds for those delicious, gorgeous peppers. upon zooming in on the photograph of this absolutely tiny flower, there were even tinier bugs on that flower. teeny, tiny aphids. itty bitty, horrible aphids. i immediately got out my spray bottle of water and a couple squirts of dr. bronners™ unscented baby soap and sprayed my yarden without abandon.
 i have no idea what this is.
 Plecia nearctica, lovebug.
 green lacewing on my lovage.
 potato beetle. not a good one to find-they die.
 bumblebee on showy milkweed
 ladybug! garden saviors.
 ladybug! on bedford monarch parsnip gone to seed.
 come in, she said i’ll give ya shelter in the corn.
 horrible, disgusting white grub. these little bastards destroyed my potato crop in 2018. after finding about 23678 of these where my potatoes had been, i got over the initial barfy cringe of squishing them to death pretty fast. still super gross, but essential. so. gross. i have never despised a bug so much as these, including the hornworm.
 tomato hornworm. horrible little beauty. i leave them on fence posts for the birds to feast.
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