mini pink popcorn! this fantastic little beauty did amazing for me in 2018 despite two bad hail storms. i planted it so that it didn’t cross-pollinate with my sweet corn, which matured earlier, and strawberry popcorn, which was ravaged and matured later.
sweet corn for seed.jpg
 mini pink popcorn
 strawberry popcorn. it was not a great year for this guy. none for food, all for seed.
 job’s tears. job’s tears is not only a gluten free gain, but makes for an excellent border plant and my kids made beads from them! the grey grains are the seed viable ones. i got the seeds for my 2018 garden from baker creek.
 job’s tears growing
 buhl sweet corn growing behind chadmo quinoa and strawberries.
 organic buhl sweet corn growing for seed and taste-testing!
 immature quinoa—getting there!
 chadmo quinoa growing strong! we had an overzealous gardener pull some thinking it was lambsquarter gone to seed. a lesson in education and gardening heartbreak.
 oaxacan green dent corn
 olathe sweet corn—almost!  sweet corn starts getting less sweet the VERY moment it’s picked. those sugars start converting to starches, meaning the homegrown corn will forever be the sweetest, juiciest corn you’ll eat!
quinoa getting closer.jpg
winnowed chadmo quinoa.jpg
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