prescott fond blanc  with limited space, it was a toss up between Prescott Fond Blanc and  Van Doren Moon & Stars , and I chose this one simply because I love a sweet orange-fleshed melon. I ended up planting this a bit late, which meant I had less than the 95 day season. seeds were direct sowed in warm soil, we had a shorter growing season in 2016 and an early frost. These were so pretty to watch grow in my allotment, and even though I had to pick them very early, the fruit could fit nicely in my cupped hands together, and they were delicious! I have had a hell of a time finding a good tasting cantaloupe melon here in Colorado. I don’t know what it is, but even melons from the farmer’s market are disappointing. They’re not sweet or are tough and tasteless, or are entire mush and overwhelming and stringy, so i grew my own!  (except for a delicious canteloupe that i found from Heine’s Market in 2018 and saved seeds from, once i found out that melon field was isolated and the seeds germinated for me well in testing.)  If I give these an earlier start, I would grow them again in a heartbeat. I think they would be lovely to see growing up a pergola, instead of in the dirt where you have to really get down to see the developing fruit—they’re beautiful. I saved all the seeds I could from them and would love to share with you if you reach out! USDA organic seeds were purchased from seed savers exchange in early 2016 for 2016.  i ended up giving some of these seeds to a garden project i was asked to help with in 2018, where they progressed well. however, despite all of the warnings i gave about using row cover, the garden builder did not heed my warnings and all fruit were lost, meaning all seeds, too.
 golden midget watermelon in 2018 from organic, heirloom seed
 van doren moon and stars melon sprouting up in 2018 on the property project that i supplied all seeds for and planted for the sacred g garden.
 a chris cross watermelon growing at the property garden that i planted from my seeds.
green strawberry.jpg
 is there anything better?
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