strawberry rhubarb pie
 sage blossoms cut for sage blossom syrup. recipe in next photo.
 sage blossom syrup (i leave the leaves on because it still tastes awesome) is equal parts sage, water and sugar with a touch of lemon juice. since i have a good amount of honey, sometimes i use 1 pt sugar to 1 pt honey. you can also just use honey. steep your sage to boiling making sure your pot is covered the entire time, start to finish, remove from heat but keep it covered and sitting for about an hour. you don’t want any goodness evaporating out. then stir in your sweetener.
 oma’s birthday cake. carrot cake with violets. garden fresh!
 canned palisade peaches. each year i get a couple boxes of peaches to preserve. most are frozen for peach cobbler and some get special spots in our pantry.
 basil pesto! these yummies go right into the freezer. either walnut or olive oil, basil, pine nuts if i’ve had enough foraged (you heard me!) or cashews, lemon juice, salt pepper and some fresh cumin from the yarden.
 my son grinding oaxacan green dent corn for cornbread and cornmeal.
 cornbread made from our corn and wheat berries.
 nomnomnom cornbread
 cornbread in the cast iron skillet smeared with lard processed in the slow cooker from our slaughtered pig is hands-down the best way to make it.
 sourdough boule. i have a drive folder called “the loaves of my life”  which would be hundreds of bread photos should i post them here. i’ll spare you.
 up-close of the crust of a sourdough boule that was made in a lidded crock.
 roasted parsnips. i’m always on the hunt for the perfect parsnip. if you’ve bought parsnips from the store and they’ve been spongy and, to put it bluntly, gross, then you’ll need to try to grow your own! i recommend bedford monarch parsnips, and letting them get sweet in the ground after a good snow. the cold weather sweetens them up. the balance comes from not waiting too long and having them get tough.
 first round of garlic scape harvest. i freeze scapes whole and wrapped in mason jars, pureed with olive oil and put into silicone ice cube molds which are then stored in the freezer, or made into a pesto or dip.
 frozen jar of garlic scapes.
 jars of infused vodka for a dinner party. on the left is basil vodka, the right is habanero, ground cherry and cinnamon vodka.
 12 pounds of shredded zucchini headed for the freezer. shredding twelve pounds of zucchini leaves one with a lovely cramped-up claw hand.
 shredded zucchini, kohlrabi, carrot and cornmeal fritters with eggs from my sister’s cute little chickens.
 milkweed pods collected for eating. now. let’s talk milkweed pods. these are from showy milkweed and are about 2” long, so they aren’t stringy and terrible. milkweed pods contain cardiac glycosides, which means you want to boil them first. a couple of times. i boiled these pods in water twice, emptying the water once, then boiling them again in fresh water, for a total of 20 minutes. follow to the next photo for more info.
 when you cut the milkweed pods from the plant, only take one per plant, or take only 1/3. i also spread milkweed seeds when the seeds pop from the pods when mature, to ensure plenty of food for butterflies in our butterfly garden. also note that the milky white sap is very sticky, so wear gloves that you don’t care about getting sticky.   after boiling, slit the belly seam of the pod and remove the seeds, which look like fish scales, shown here. throw them out into the compost. follow the next photo for more info.
 i brought the stuffed milkweed pods to a community garden potluck in 2018, and they were a huge hit! not a single one left. i had two batches of these.   after boiling and gutting them, i stuffed the milkweed pods with homemade ricotta and herbs from my garden then baked them. in case you haven’t noticed, i don’t use recipes or write down recipes. i love making ricotta cheese-it’s so easy and tastes better than any ricotta i’ve ever bought in a store.
 getting ready to roast, straight from the garden: garlic, onion, carrots, rosemary and thyme.
 roasted veggies. we call fresh roasted garlic, garlic candy. just melts in your mouth!
 sautéed white vienna kohlrabi and buhl sweet corn with dill.
 21 pounds of sliced cucumbers ready for pickling and freezing. i love freezing cucumbers for cucumber water.
 pickles all from my garden! garlic dill pickles. these are bushy pickling cucs.
 garlic dill spears
 all that goes into my summer garden pasta sauce! this is a HUGE brewing pot.
 the ‘after’ of summer garden pasta sauce. well, we use this sauce for pizza night, dipping fried squash goodies, or with a spoon. it has everything in it. the casserole surprise of sauces, minus the mystery meat and occasional cringeworthy bite. my kids love it!   i purée the sauce with an immersion blender and put in wide mouth mason jars which are then labeled and put in the freezer.
 palisade peach pie.
 apple pie! my neighbors have two apple trees, forever dropping on our roof and into the yarden. the kids and i harvested a ton of apples for pies, sauce and apple butter.
 apple pie! i took this pie to my neighbor for all of the apples.
 fried zucchini and stuffed fried zucchini blossoms with goat cheese.
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