southern giant curled mustard greens--absolutely delicious!
 dwarf bok choy
 here i stand beside a bit of my garden. a runner bean behind, which i cannot think of at the moment, followed by a row of lacinato kale and yellow wonder berries and a giant parsnip which i let go to seed.
 mustard greens! forever some of my favorite yummies to grow. these are southern giant curled mustard greens in 2018.
 i start celeriac from seed indoors in february each year, patiently awaiting the fall harvest. it’s 10 months from seed to harvest for celeriac root. the entire plant is edible! celeriac has delicious green tops which can be dried and stored or hung for cooking throughout the year, or frozen.
 magnolia tendril peas climbing, gulag stars kale and yellow wonder strawberries in their shade.
 behold, kale!
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