2019 seed decisions

i have narrowed down what i will be growing in 2019.

every year the winter is for mapping out and planning, which seeds need to be grown out to save more. staggering maturity to avoid cross-pollination, companion planting, sun tracking. covering all of my bases to ensure a successful year on my side, working with mother nature and her mood swings.

below is what i’ll be growing this year from seed.



japanese black trifele new to me! excited to grow it.

costoluto genovese new to me! our favorite type of larger tomato

purple bumblebee

pink bumblebee; my saved seed

green vernissage

black vernissage; my saved seed

peacevine cherry; my saved seed

white tomesol

napa chardonnay blush

barry’s crazy cherry

speckled roman; my saved seed

raspberry lyanna; my saved seed

san marzano; my saved seed

heirloom costoluto mix; my saved seed


jimmy nardello; my saved seed

criolla sella; my saved seed

iko iko; my saved seed

aleppo; my saved seed

mini red bell; my saved seed

jalapeno; my saved seed

cayenne; my saved seed

peach habanero

baja pasilla; gifted to grow out

habanada; my saved seed

urfa biber; gifted to grow out


leutschauer paprika

corn and grains

country gentleman

japonica striped ; gifted to grow out

double red sweet corn

job’s tears; my saved seed


pusa asita black

scarlet nantes

little finger




tropea lunga/red long of tropea

noordhollandse bloedrode

heshiko bunching onion


bedford monarch (BG closed in 2017)

half-long guernsey

harris model

hollow crown

turga; from my saved seed (BG closed in 2017; my seed origin)


hamburg rooted parsley

southern giant curled mustard

yellow seed mustard

cumin; gifted seed

dill; my saved seed

fenugreek; gifted seed


pokey joe cilantro

st. john’s wort; gifted seed

austin’s okra; gifted to grow out

white vienna kohlrabi

cookstown orange eggplant

florence fennel


pink chinese

white chinese


tendergreen burpless cucumber

muncher cucumber



salad burnet; gifted with annapolis seed origin

sanguine ameliore lettuce

tom thumb lettuce

ice queen lettuce

black seeded simpson

jericho romaine; gifted with Renee’s origin

aichi nappa chinese cabbage

arugula; my saved seed

celtuce lettuce


rugosa friulana

gelber englischer custard

spinning gourd; my saved seed


meraviglia di venezia

beurre de rocquencourt

lina sisco’s bird egg; my saved seed

dragon tongue; my saved seed

empress; my saved seed


extra long seeded yard long; my saved seed kitazawa origin

mosaic yard long; my saved seed kitazawa origin

liana yard long

chinese python snake bean

fort portal jade

sunset runners; my saved seed

turkey craw; my saved seed


green arrow shell; my saved seed

blue double butterfly pea


cinnamon; my saved seed

genovese; my saved seed


lettuce leaf; my saved seed



thai sweet

zinnia also seeding in the cut flower garden and orchard


queen lime red

senorita pink

zinderella lilac

zinderella peach

poppy in yarden and around bee frames

brilliant oriental

hungarian blue breadseed

peony flowered mix

shirley poppy mother of pearl

thai silk pink champagne

other flowers most of these will be split between my yarden and the cut flower and butterfly gardens at the community garden

bachelor button


globe amaranth

bee balm




lark’s marigold; my saved seed



calendula; my saved seed

sweet mace


beni kodima

kaho watermelon

yamato cream watermelon


fuyu persimmon; saved from an organic orchard also for indoor growing

pepino garden berry for indoor growing

wasabi; gifted. i feel like i was challenged to a duel.

little raised fists

“seeds unfurl themselves and rise through the soil like tiny green fists,” Moyles writes in Women Who Dig. “These little raised fists, in fields and gardens across the planet, are for her, emblems of solidarity for women fighting for fairness, and for recognition of what so many women have been doing all along: the crucial work of being farmers.”