a hot, beautiful june

my husband has been successfully calming my inner acreage spirit with building spaces for me to grow our food in our yarden. it started with a fence. then a beautiful raised bed in the sun. and then a ledge with ten 5 gallon buckets to grow my tomatoes on the balcony. 
my yard garden is the yarden, the community garden allotment is the garden. it keeps it less confusing in my garden journal since my memory is terrible. 

I have sowed and planted all there is to plant and sow until I succession plant and pull the garlic. that's a couple of weeks out, at most.

the garden looks amazing this year. so pleased. my allotment just looks like food to me. Growing what you absolutely love and think is beautiful is the key to a garden that you're excited about. and that is different for everyone! 
there is a woman that grows cut flowers and flowers to press. it looks wild and it's beautiful. there are the kale lovers, the squash growers, the tomato people and the garden in the weeds people. everyone has their garden thing.