take time for yourself

the advice i hear a lot for myself, as well as for moms of small children is always to remember to "take time for yourself."
which i always smile and nod at. because i do not understand. and i thought about this more, and why i'm straight-up offended if it is suggested i be without my kids for a weekend day so that i can have a break.
a break from what, my kids? i don't want that.
what i have come to understand is that taking time for myself implies that there are two versions of myself.
and there aren't.

i have managed to create create a life with my children that allows me to be my full, whole self while being truly present for and with my kids.
the activities and interests i have are a part of my life, as part of my family.

my words, especially in this post are my own. my own thoughts on my own personality. this isn't a judgement on other personalities. this is my own, and what my understanding or resonance is with. 
for example, i could be totally 100% stoked to be a homesteader and for that to be my life. but i do not know a single other mama friend who could say the same. that's not their personality. it's mine. ;)