i see you, mama

as a mother, i have come to notice that when people-all people-talk about how smart or articulate or loving my two children are,
the people comment as if these beautiful children were born that way. that they were born with words and reflection, counting and colors.
as a mother, i'm astounded at the lack of acknowledgement of a mother.
a mother who pours her being into her children so that they can make a difference.
a mother who stays home to nurture and be nourished by her children.
it takes a lot of a mother to raise children who are aware of the world around them.
it takes a lot of her children to raise a mother who is aware of the world around her.

mothers. our children didn't come into the world outside of us.
our children weren't birthed into our world with names for objects or numbers for fingers.

but our children were birthed into our world wanting to wonder and understand.
it is the mother, learning alongside her children, who blooms these qualities.
so, mama. i'm here to tell you that i see you.
i see you.