seedy seedlings

it's so exciting to grow your food and flowers from seed! it also gives you the opportunity to grow, and therefore eat, what you really, really love! 
the biggest realization this year was that:
1- i really love basil. i am growing genovese, lime, cinnamon and thai basils from seed this year, with 20 4" pots of happy genovese. 
2- every year i'm annoyed at how long celeriac takes to harvest from seed, and every year i swear it off until i harvest it and get excited for another bout of growing it! this year i doubled what i started last year... 
3- having to make decisions between peppers and tomatoes is the worst. i want to grow all the things! 
the tomatoes that i have chosen to grow this year are:
raspberry lyanna
speckled roman (for paste/canning)
peacevine cherry (the link takes you to territorial, but the tomatoes i am growing are from my saved seeds)
a juicy red heirloom tomato from my favorite farmer and a mid-sized vine ripe, also from my favorite farmer. 

the peppers i have chosen to grow this year are:
jimmy nardello
criolla sella
jalapeno (from my saved seed)
iko iko pepper (also from my saved seed)
mini red bell and a red bell pepper. both from my saved seeds.