how to help

i have gotten a lot of inquiries about what we do with our stuff as we get rid of it. nothing we had was useless garbage, quite the opposite! that said, selling things is the opposite of what we wanted. i wanted to give back.

there are 28 locations of the International Rescue Committee, one of which is in Denver. The IRC helps refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture, and other immigrants to thrive in America. when refugees arrive, most have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. your unused or unnecessary stuff will make a difference in these people's lives, allowing them to achieve a safer, more secure life. 

another option is contacting your local safehouse for victims of domestic abuse and see what they are in need of.

for our old blankets, project linus is an excellent option, find your local chapter.

if you just want to get rid of things but don't want to do the legwork (it feels SO good to help!), there are local charities that will even pick up your stuff, like the disabled american veterans, which you can schedule online and not even have to talk to anyone if that's your preferred method of donation. ARCgoodwill, etc are all other charitable places you can drop off your stuff.

there is no reason your stuff has to sit unused and unnecessary in boxes in your home (or even worse a storage unit!) just in case. it should and can be used by someone who needs it.

thank you to everyone who has taken a moment from your day to reach out and ask questions, give encouragement, or just share your journey. we are all in this world together. let's make it the best we can!