find your why

as i read more, get rid of more, and want less, i notice more around me. 
i notice all of the things competing for my attention. not just advertisers, which no one is immune to, but the things that are in my house that call for my attention. 
it started with marie kondo's book and decluttering. then it was onto brooke mcalary helping me discover my why
so we donated so, so much stuff! so. much. stuff. 
joshua becker has proved to be an ongoing inspiration as i continue my journey into wanting less--because i know my why. 
if you want to figure out how to start being happy and stop buying things to make you happy (it will never work) or stop saying "i'll be happy when _______" and you want to spend more time on experiences and with meaningful relationships, then you have to stop buying things to fill your void. 
happiness is bad for the economy. once you're happy, you won't be wanting this thing or that thing or the newest version of this thing.
you can walk through a mall and not want want want. my family can go to the mall and not buy a single thing except a treat for our kids. or a nice lunch. that feels really, really good. 
stuff will never make you happy.

be happy. pay attention to your stuff. how much stuff do you own? does your stuff own you? does your stuff own your time? how many times have your kids wanted your attention but you're too busy cleaning, sorting, folding, shopping, scrolling, watching. instead of building those memories? you're not going to remember watching netflix or putting away multiples of x,y,z utensils, clothes, toys, stuff. you will remember, and your kids will, too, building something together. going for an adventure walk, really getting to know your family instead of just having them drive you crazy in the background while you try to watch other people live their fake lives while your real life passes you by. 
it drives me BONKERS when people say they don't have the time. they DO. they just don't prioritize the important aspects of their life. or they don't know what is important to them yet because they are too busy numbing their minds, pacifying. wasting their time. 
we are all given the same 24 hours in a day. wouldn't you rather fill that time with goodness? with activities that fulfill your life? or do you want to continue not having the time or money to do the things you've always wanted to do? 

you, and only you, are responsible for your happiness.