first equinox dinner

i'm throwing an autumn equinox dinner party in celebration of the beautiful food that i've grown and am harvesting this month. i was inspired when i read ashley english's book handmade gatherings and realized all of my roots and dry beans will be ready to harvest around then. 
checking the push of the celeriac root out from the soil, gloving up and pulling those prized parsnips and shaking runner beans. september is a magical month and definitely deserves to be celebrated!

i made some shrubs that will be the perfect mellow yumminess for the party. palisade peach and local bing cherry shrubs that i'll mix with herbal-infused booze and sparkling water. 
a shrub, friends, is at its core a drinking vinegar, but so much more! it's made with 2 parts fresh fruit, and 1 part sugar and 1 part vinegar. i don't heat mine. if you're curious, use this food52 article on a basic shrub recipe.