the weeks have been fulfilling but not full. 
popcorn garlands take forever to make.
reading a library book that is due with no renewals is real pressure.
if you rinse the goose poop off of your intentionally collected perfectly open pine cones for a christmas wreath, they will close up. 
line a cookie sheet with tin with foil, bake at 250 fahrenheit until they have once again opened and your home smells like pitch. 

planning, plotting, designing and brainstorming edible, medicinal gardens with the most inspiring landscape. 
2017 was rough. and i know that every year we are toasting to a new, better year with an improved this or that or sense of self. 
but really. just flipping the calendar over to a new month was easing. just to be able to see a month, this december, with no stuff all over the calendar. no appointments. just the good days. and birthdays. and reminders of holidays spent with family. no doom and gloom. 
a breath. 
here's to a month of breathing.