if you want change, you must change

over the summer, i decided that enough was enough.
we all know that almost every single piece of plastic ever made is still in existence. but what about your clothes? i bet you're wearing acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex or rayon right now. these are synthetic, man-made fibers. and you're probably drinking those man-made fibers right now. those synthetic fibers, tiny itty bitty pieces every time you wash your clothes, go into our water supply and are too small of particles (micro fibers) to filter out. our bodies, not just the bodies of whales and fish and birds, are full of plastic.
you don't want to drink plastic water, or give your kids plastic filled water? then stop contributing to it. if you want change, you must change. posting angrily about plastic pollution in our oceans but still wearing acrylic, or buying those cheap kids clothes from big box, is contributing to this. no one wants to be told that they are a part of the negative impact. but you are. we are.

i find that with the holidays days coming up, i can feel my anxiety starting rise, anticipating the garbage gifts. the synthetic fiber kids clothes that we won't use, the plastic wrapping that everything comes in. a simple, straight-forward conversation is all it takes to change your consumption of crap. talking about it with your friends and family causes awareness.

so. over the summer my family and i went through every single piece of clothing we own and ditched all the synthetic crap. 100% cotton clothing, wool and hemp, linen and nettle. nettle sounds itchy, its similar in feel to jute and is very cool how it's made. i don't personally wear silk, but that is another natural option. bamboo clothing has some questionable practices to get it to that soft fiber which in turn makes it a form of rayon, so we don't wear that either.
my husband was all "you're getting rid of that dress?!" yep. that patagonia dress. well, they're a company that does a lot of good, but no one is climbing a mountain in that dress. there is no need to contribute to the shitty synthetic mania of our culture.

eliminating the plastic and chemicals from your life is not going to be easy, and it will never be easy. you will be tempted to buy that cute outfit for your kid or that cheap shirt, but read that label. if you don't want to contribute to the wasting of our world, then don't. being a mindful, conscientious person starts with your mind. your mind. before you try to change the minds of others, you have to change yours.