ancestral bounty

my baker creek whole seed catalogue came last night, i go through it with a pen while the kids sleep, ogling giant gourds and jewel corn and pawpaws. 
in the inside front cover is a letter from the baker creek owners. i'll share an excerpt:
"...Not only do our travels yield new seeds, but also friends from across the globe who united with us in the passion to preserve the seeds of the people, in the hands of the people, and free from corporate control, patents and GMOs. Each year the resistance to corporate, GMO, factory farming continues to grow, both in America and oftentimes faster internationally. People want the food their grandmothers grew and cooked, as well as trying the foods of other cultures. Seeds and gardening have an amazing way of bringing cultures and families together."

i recently shipped out 18 envelopes to states like oregon to maine, michigan, louisianna and new mexico. years ago i hunted down true aleppo pepper seeds. i have grow them quite unsuccessfully every year, only yielding a pepper or two but enough to coninue saving the seed. this year i was able to grow 5 beautiful plants, all full of peppers. i saved every single seed and sent them out to other gardeners and community seed savers who manage seed saving groups in their local area. the 5 pepper seeds i obtained from a syrian citizen in 2009 now will produce true aleppo pepper plants through the united states. 

there are so many varieties of heirloom, family grown vegetables and herbs that also need to be recognized, found, and carried on to grow. i hope i can continue to grow such cool, important diverse foods and pass them on to other growers and eaters.